“The way to get started is to quit talking & begin doing”  Walt Disney

Basics 4 Business

for all entrepreneurs

“Getting the Basics right for a successful business”

Why You Need Basics 4 Business

To be successful, every business should have fundamental administrative building blocks in place – things like:

  • having a business plan (a road map for where you want to go)
  • having a budget in place (essentially an estimate of what it’s likely to cost)
  • keeping a record of monies in and out (bookkeeping) and
  • IT infrastructure (incl. web and email)

We call these the Basics 4 Business.

As an entrepreneur, your time is consumed with marketing, sales and service delivery to the point that there’s no time left to look after the Basics 4 Business.

And in any case, YOU didn’t go into business to be an admin expert.

You know that you need these things, but you can’t afford to employ staff with the right skills to do it.

It’s a dilemma!

But don’t worry Basics 4 Business can help you out.

I have the right skills and years of experience to get the job done. You only need to draw on my time according to your needs, so it’s a cost-effective way to solve your dilemma.

What’s more, I am your on-tap admin buddy, ready to advise and assist you to get the most from your business.

Check out the following explanations of the Basics 4 Business to see which ones you feel could add value to your business at this moment in time.

Business Plans





Do you need help with any of these fundamental building blocks?

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Hi there, I’m Doug – a down to earth practical hands-on accountant.

I fundamentally believe if you can get the very basics setup correctly for running your business – life should not be a chore.

Basics 4 Business, Doug Portsmouth